Adventure in California

Posted: May 29, 2011 in Shooting Adventures

Ok, so maybe more like, food vacation in California with a side of shooting.

I flew into Burbank last Friday to work on some paperwork for Greece. I figured, why not throw in a little shooting a lot of food-ing??

Valerie Levanza was my hostess with the mostest. I shot the Norco Running Gun Match in Chino with her, CrossFit HQ Director of Training, Dave Castro and a bunch of really good friends. We figured that if we kept the squad small, we’d get done quick. That wasn’t happening. The Norco weekly match attracts at least one hundred shooters from neighboring areas every Saturday. Not surprising because Jojo Vidanes and crew always deliver a superb match and this Saturday was not an exception. There were 5 challenging long courses and one classifier set up this past week. Gorgeous, sunny California weather, Uncle Mike’s delicious Filipino-style pork barbecue and shooting with friends… that combination was pretty hard to beat!

On a side note, there was that one minor blip about the world ending on May 21st. I already had my In ‘N Out Burger the day before so I said bring it on. May 21st arrived…Nothing apocalyptic happened. Just an absurdly sunshine-y California day of shooting (I don’t even know what that means…)

The results of the match can also be found on the link above. Up next, where they took me to eat…


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