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Posted: July 12, 2012 in Product Reviews
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I was Captain Bad-Timing back in June. My brand new limited gun had just arrived. The Double Tap Championship was in two weeks and I had no reloader. I had sent off my 10+ year old, never-cleaned 550 to Dillon Precision to get it cleaned/repaired the week before the gun arrived and I couldn’t use my 1050 because all the reloading dies and toolhead that I ordered were for my 550. So there I was with a gun, so little time and no ammo. And a little stressed out.

I have several friends that are sponsored by Atlanta Arms and Ammo and they swear up and down that they make quality ammo. I really didn’t have a choice at that time so I called Atlanta Arms to order my first 1000 rounds of 40. I was impressed at the wonderful customer service, the reasonable price, the speed in which they shipped it (I called, they shipped the same day!) and the quality of the practice and match ammunition that I received.

I ordered the long 40 S&W 180gr FMJ (1.180 OAL) and it went through the chronograph at a screaming 180 power factor (averaged 1000 fps). It was pretty hot but then again I was shooting a 6-inch gun so it will run hotter than the 5-inch that most people use. I did not have a single ammo-related gun problem even with the blue box (non-match ammo) and the black boxes ran like champs!

I got my reloader back (yay!) and will be loading my own ammo again but if I ever get in a situation where I need ammo quick, I know just the company to call!

They sell a variety of calibers for your different shooting needs. Just click on the above link for more info!

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