Shooting Limited

Posted: August 13, 2012 in Shooting Adventures

For the first time in my 20.5-year shooting career, I decided to start shooting a Limited gun competitively. I have been exclusively an open shooter since I started competing and this year, with the “New Adventures” theme imprinted in my head, I decided to try something new.

It was an amazing and eye-opening experience as the gun came about two weeks before the Double Tap match in Wichita Falls, Texas. Paul Hyland of covered the match really well. Here is the link to the story and videos. Warning: It is not very impressive! Transitioning from a dot to iron sights sounded easy on paper. And it is easy if you just stand there and shoot at a target. But shooting it at a match is a different story altogether.

I shot the Texas Limited Championship with Lisa Munson a month later and there was some improvement. It didn’t take me 2 days to line up my sights from the draw. I knew that I did not have a snowball’s chance in hell to beat the multi-National Ladies Limited champion but #1) I was hooked shooting limited , #2) I knew I was going to learn a lot shooting with her and #3) I just wanted to see how I fared against her. Lisa shot amazing and finished 8th OA in Limited at the match. I was 10 places behind her. My hopes aren’t dashed at all. In fact, for the first time in a long time, I am just having fun shooting. After last year’s ridiculously hectic schedule, I didn’t want to shoot at all. I am just extremely thankful for my wonderful gunsmith, Johnny Lim, who built me my beautiful gun despite knowing that I was not going to be competitive at it right off the bat.

6 inches of awesomeness!!


Double Tap

TX State Limited

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