What?? 2013 already???

Posted: February 16, 2013 in 3-gun, General

Yikes! I am a slacker when it comes to blogging. Seriously (obviously!). I’ve always thought that I had to make a big article when it comes to writing something here but I’ve seen other blogs, a picture, a video or a sentence, even, seem to suffice so here is a preview of things to come (really hopeful about this), this year!



Yes. 3-gun. I do realize that with ammunition and components being scarce and the price of everything gun-related going up, I am STILL diving head-first into 3-Gun. I’ve always said that I wanted to try it but I didn’t have the other 2 guns (rifle and shotgun) and honestly, it felt like it was more talk than taking action. But December 2012 happened. I made a pit stop and visited the Miculeks on my way to my company’s Christmas party. Kay and Lena were busy practicing for the 3-gun Nation Shoot-offs. They let me try shooting at the plates with their shotguns and rifles during their break and boy, I was bit by the bug big time. Granted they had to teach me how to mount the shotgun and stand properly, knocking those plates down really fast (well, I thought I was going fast…) was such a rush that I made it a mission to look for the rarer-than-a-unicorn Mossberg JM 930. Little did I know that something was already being planned for my 3-gun adventure for 2013…… dun dun dunnnn….

Fast forward a few weeks later on Christmas Day at my boyfriend’s older sister’s home where we had Christmas dinner with the family. My ever-lovable and extremely creative boyfriend handed me a small gift-wrapped box when it was time for presents. I opened it and in my head was like, WTF… It was a rusty wire-cutter. I felt something was up but still 80% of me was a bit crushed. Damn, a wire-cutter??

He waited until everyone was done with their presents to show me my “real” present which he hid under his 1 year old niece’s pink tent-like playhouse. It was a a big rifle case that had “DAHL” spray-painted on top. We play Borderlands 2 together and that was one of the gun manufacturers in the game. Man, he went all out. I opened it and there laying on an LED lit-up platform was a Mossberg JM 930 12 gauge shotgun. My knees turned to jelly and I ended up just sitting on the floor. Crying. “EHRMEHRGERD BEST GIFT EVER” and some other words poured out of my mouth as tears of joy streamed down my face. Somehow, this EXTREMELY lucky guy found ONE JM 930 in an Academy Sporting goods store. Wow.

BUT WAIT. After practically drenching his shirt with my tears, snot and drool and a squid-like hug, he goes, “Look at the bottom”


And I did and underneath was a JP Enterprises CTR-02 all ready for 3-gun with a Vortex Jerry scope on it and I had to pick up my jaw from the floor. HOLYSHITBALLSAREYOUKIDDINGMEBESTBOYFRIENDEVERYOUHAVEGOTTABEKIDDINGMEOMG. I cried. Again. Apparently, he, Kay and Lena had been plotting many months before with regards to what specs the rifle should have, etc. It now made sense when Kay seemed so “optimistic” when I was wailing how the wait was so long for a JP rifle etc. Plus the fact that she sent me a text Christmas morning (before we went to his sister’s house) asking me if  “Santa was good to me”. Yes, Santa aka my Elliott was incredibly good to me.

So with my boyfriend as my sponsor for 3-gun, and now all my gear have come in from Safariland and Carbon Arms, I really don’t have an excuse to not shoot anymore. In other words, IT IS ON LIKE DONKEYKONG, even though I have yet to master how to load my shotgun really fast. Or shoot it really fast. Or shoot a rifle really fast…

Oh and Lena won the women’s 3-gun shoot off with a very impressive performance. It was her and Kay in the finals that was very, very awesome to watch!

Stay tuned!!

  1. Athena says:

    Congratulations and keep up the good work, Tim!

  2. Tim Simons says:

    Yeah, it’s 2013 already; not only that, it’s almost March =:-0 Not only have I not fired a match yet this year, I haven’t posted on my own blog for at least two weeks (too much FB’ing-that will get you every time) On the plus side, I won a contest at my martial arts school and scored some free lessons, and I’ve been helping out a new shooter I met on the BE Forums, so I have been somewhat productive in 2013 thus far. Have fun with your new toys, you lucky girl, and give SS (and revo) a try sometime.

  3. Athena says:

    I might dare do single-stack but revolver, not so much. I can’t even pull the trigger on those things! 😛

  4. BritinUSA says:

    Now all you need is a Single-Stack and a Revolver and you’ll have all the bases covered… 🙂

  5. Athena says:

    Thank you! And thanks for being patient with my newbie questions. You guys rock!

  6. Carbon Arms says:

    Rock on. Here’s wishing you the best year of competition ever…

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