Different Methods on How to Load Your Shotgun Quickly

Posted: February 9, 2014 in 3-gun, Pics/Vids, Shooting Tips

With the shooting season about to kick off, I’ve compiled various videos that I found online to show the different methods shooters use on how to load their shotgun.


BUT before you guys bust out your shotguns and try this at home, I am assuming my readership (of 5) are intelligent and smart enough to make sure to:

  • Check your shotguns before you start dry-firing.
  • Use DUMMY ROUNDS at home.

Always start slow and perfect the movement before you speed up. The people in the videos below have spent countless hours of repetition to perfect these methods. 

1) Strong hand reload from a shotgun shell caddy that holds four shells as demonstrated by the incredibly talented Lena Miculek

2) Weak hand reload from a shotgun shell caddy that holds four shells by Lena again…

3) Carbon Arms “Pinwheel” Shotshell Loading System- Strong Hand (this is what I use as my hands are too small to do the #1 and #2) as demonstrated by Patrick Kelley

4) #3 but with the weak hand as demonstrated by the awesome Katie Francis

5) Quad-Loads with the AP Custom Carriers – Strong Hand as demonstrated by the fabulous Becky Yackley

6) Quad-Loads with AP Custom Carriers- Weak Hand as demonstrated by Becky’s son, Tim Yackley

  1. Arthur Santamaria says:

    Thanks,nice tips. Sure help for us shotgunners.

  2. Cameon "Cami" says:

    Thanks Athena. Now I just need to find some 🙂

  3. Cameon "Cami" says:

    Athena – what type of dummy rounds do you recommend? There are so many options, I’m not sure which ones are the most realistic for training.

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