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Starlight Cases

Posted: August 12, 2012 in Product Reviews
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About a year ago, I shot the 2011 Area 1 Championship in Oregon. I had to leave before the awards ceremony so my friend, Lisa Munson, was kind enough to pick up my prize from the prize table for me. She handed it to me a few months later while we were in Vegas for the Nationals. It was a certificate for Starlight Cases.

To be honest, I’ve never even heard of the company. I have been using my Pelicans for a few years now and was pretty happy with it. I put the certificate aside and totally forgot about it until flash forward months and months later (about a week or two before the 2012 SHOT Show in Vegas), I saw Yamil Sued post about his wonderful new cases on his Facebook page. I’ve known Yamil for quite a while now and he is an amazing photographer. And he has high standards. I saw the brand and I thought, that name looks familiar. So I went and grabbed my “prize certificate” folder and there it was, my almost forgotten Starlight Case cert! I messaged Yamil online asking about the cases he had nothing but great things to say about it so my interest was sparked. I wanted to look at the products first and he told me that Brack Wilson, VP of the company, was going to be at the show manning the Starlight booth!

I was introduced to Mr. Wilson at the SHOT Show where they had a booth filled with cases of different sizes and shapes. I examined the cases that were on display and I really liked what I saw. The cases felt solid. That was the most important thing. They looked like they could withstand any abuse that comes with shooting competitively (i.e. traveling which include but are not limited to: airline baggage handler abuse, toss in the car abuse, had a bad day at the range toss the case harder abuse, etc.).

The SC – 061016. It now proudly protects my new limited gun.

I had the pleasure of trying out the above case and a much bigger one, the 061220, which I will add pictures of when I get it back from my gunsmith. My two open guns fit comfortably in the 061220 and it has been reported that those guns–and the case, arrived safely!

Though I have not flown with them yet, they have already passed the local abuse test with flying colors. I will be adding to this post once I travel with them.

Not only does this company make excellent products, they also support the shooting sport by sponsoring matches.

Check them out at!