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April 15-17, 2011

Thank you, Eva M. for the pic!

I go back to Frostproof, Florida at Frank Garcia’s Universal Shooting Academy range for the Area 6. My new and improved Bumblebee Razorcat (formerly a Phantera model) was going to make its debut and boy, did it not disappoint! The gun ran flawlessly, although my loads were a bit hot (178 PF due to my old loads plus my new longer barrel!), and I couldn’t be happier!

More of a mustard yellow than a DeWalt yellow...

Almost all of the top lady shooters showed up for this match. Looking at the list of shooters registered, I knew that it was going to be a great match and we all had to be on top of our game in order to win this. Unfortunately, I wasn’t squadded with Megan Francisco because she opted to shoot all day Saturday. Megan is my teammate both in the US Women’s Team and Team Limcat.

I was squadded with Kay Miculek, another teammate of mine in the US Women’s Team, Lena, her daughter who shot revolver, Lisa Munson, a former teammate of mine as well from the 2008 Women’s Team who shot Limited, Jessie Abbate and Kaci Cochran to round up the impressive names in our squad. Unfortunately, Kay got disqualified after her gun malfunctioned on the first stage. It was a pretty tight race between Jessie, Kaci and myself on the first day. I was focused on just accomplishing my goal of not having a miss on this match and after the first day, I was pretty successful. I managed to hang on to my goal on the second day as well and just finished consistently. I could say that I shot more conservatively than I usually did but I was borderline obsessed with not missing! It did pay off in the end because I finished in third place, 13-ish points behind Jessie who won ladies and 3 points behind Megan. I was pretty satisfied with that finish but I knew I still had to work on a lot of things in preparation for the World Shoot.

The match ran without a hitch. But then again, you would expect nothing less from Area 6 Director, Linda Chico. I’ve shot in several matches that she spearheads and it is always excellent! Many thanks to the hardworking organizers, staff and range officers who worked tirelessly to make this tournament a well-organized and enjoyable one!

Time to go back to the shooting range and practice!

Here’s a video of me shooting some of the stages of the match.