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Gabby Franco is awesome.

But we already know this. We all know that she was the first female in Top Shot that made it to the green shirt part of the show (individual portion of the challenge after they merge the teams) and was also the only female to make it to Top Shot All Stars.

Though she became famous from Top Shot, it is her crazy accurate shooting skill developed from years and years of training with world class coaches that set her apart from everyone else. I pulled off her bio from History Channel’s Top Shot Page and it is quite impressive!

“… At the age of 19, she was the first female to qualify for the Venezuelan Olympic Shooting Team and represented her country at the 2000 Sydney Olympics. She took silver at the Pan American Games in 1999 and gold at the South American Games in 2000. In her last international competition, the 2002 South American Games, she won three gold medals. After moving to the United States, Gabby began competing in tactical and IPSC competitions…”

I was fortunate enough to have shot the 2012 USPSA Limited-Production-Revolver Nationals with her and spend some time with her discussing things from shooting to make-up (girls will be girls!) and I was truly impressed with her technical knowledge when it came to marksmanship. She told me then that she was in the process of writing a book about shooting and based on the wealth of experience that she had, I had no doubt that it would be good.

Almost a year later, she released “Troubleshooting: Mastering Your Pistol Marksmanship Vol. 1” and of course I got an autographed copy!

The book is concise and, in my opinion, would be an excellent gift for someone who is wanting to learn how to shoot. She covers everything from head to toe. She dissects even the little things that we either overlook or take for granted, showing that every step has a purpose and that every step is integral for the whole picture. This book made me stop and think and it serves as a reminder to what I need to improve on! There are lots of pictures in the book to help illustrate her point.

I definitely recommend Gabby’s book not only because she is my friend but because I really believe it is a great manual for those who want to learn and improve their marksmanship!

Troubleshooting CoverOrder your autographed copy HERE.

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